What is a bedwarmer?

What is a bedwarmer ...? It's the opposite of a blanket. Instead of sleeping under it, you sleep on top of it--spread it under your bottom sheet. Your body heat is collected all night and keeps you warm, all the way to your toes! No electricity, no magnetic field, a no brainer! 

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Sherpa Bedwarmers

BedwarmerMade of thick-pile synthetic fleece and sized to fit all standard beds, the Sherpa Bedwarmer is something you don't want to do without in the winter. Great for convalescents and the elderly--anyone who gets cold, for that matter! Polyester fleece is a winter staple these days, regardless of its synthetic content; consumers have embraced it as a bright and very affordable wool replacement. Machine wash and dry!

In these times of economic hardship with weather extremes and high heating costs, making the most of your own body heat makes very good sense. A bedwarmer in every room will keep the whole family warm!

Compare Sherpa Bedwarmers to sheepskin mattress pads, out of price range for most of us. And note that there's an Individual size too, for couples who have bedroom-temperature and blanket differences! The Individual Sherpa goes under the person who "sleeps cold," and that relationship problem is solved. (If you're single and can't afford a large size for your huge, empty bed - get an Individual!)

Also great for cabins, camping, and those freezing cold air mattresses! 



Sherpa Bedwarmers are made in America

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Breathable Face Mask

Organic cotton cheesecloth
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ION/Restore for Gut Biome


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Ergonomic G-Seat

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