Cell-Phone Shielding

Cell phone cases

Primarily intended for iPhones and Smartphones, these fabric ($25) or ultrasuede ($30) pouches have a silver-coated liner designed to prevent RFMW (radiofrequency microwaves) emitted by the phone from passing through.  A wireless phone that is turned on pulses every few seconds as it keeps contact with the nearest base station. This radiation travels into your body, unless there is a shield between the phone and you: this is why you should keep your phone in a shielded case when it's in your pocket, purse or hand.  The liner is on one side only to preserve phone battery and permit a signal.  Each case has a front pocket for ear buds (don't hold the phone to your head!).

IMPORTANT: Besides the many patterns and colors, please choose the right size pouch for your phone.

  Small (3.5 x 4.75 inches) - flip phones, extendable phones (with keyboard), Blackberries or smaller Smart phones
(3.5 x 5.5 inches) - iPhone 3s and 4s and most medium-sized other brands unless you have a very large, thick shell
Large (3.75 x 6 inches) - iPhone 5s and Androids, and smaller phones with big-profile or rubbery Otter shells
X-Large (4 x 6.5 inches) - phones are getting bigger and bigger! iPhone 5s, Androids, especially Samsung Galaxy.  Please note: very hard to accommodate phones over 6 inches in a fabric case (for functionality reasons).  Please provide the exact specs of your phone if you order XL -- supply length/width/depth with your order; the bigger your phone is, ultrasuede or thick black cotton is suggested as your best option (pocket can still be fabric, with design variation as desired).

This is what you shouldn't do ...

Victoria's Secret catalog

Victoria's Secret PINK SPRING 2013 catalog, offering a free stretchy rubber iPhone case with minimum purchase.  The modern flat rectangular phones, designed for pockets, are finding their way into women's bras, where they are causing cancerous tumors in the breast, just under the skin.  (See this TV news report.)  Keeping a phone that puts out 2.4 GHz microwaves in your pants pocket or tucked in your swimsuit is no better, as this cancer-causing radiation travels straight into the reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus, testes, prostate).  Also, men who've worn cell phones on their belt for years are now needing hip replacements due to joint deterioration on one side only, very likely caused by radiation.


Black ultrasuede Chocolate brown ultrasuede  

Ultrasuedes carefully selected with good feel and durability (color reproduced as closely as possible). See bullet points at top of page for sizing. $30 each. Tan and Light Gray also available (not shown).




Black Ultrasuede or Canvas

Black ultrasuede $30, or black canvas $25, silver-lined, with full front pocket. Fabric pocket patterns may vary. See bullet points above for sizing.

All-black ultrasuede Black swirl
Black/blue batik Black squares


African Prints

African prints: Brown, orange-red, peacock, neon pink. Fabric, silver-lined, with full front pocket (pattern will vary). For correct size, see bullet points above.  $25

African brown African neon pink


Alligator Print

Alligator printsFabric brown/black alligator print $25, or ultrasuede $30, with fabric pocket. Silver-lined; see bullet points at top of page for sizing.



Batik with Charm

A range of batik prints with front pocket and pewter charm.  Silver-lined; pattern, color tone and charm will vary (charm selection is based on stock and pattern compatibility -- any charm will not necessarily look good on any pocket!).  Green batik has no charm (it's nice for guys). See bullet points above for sizing.  $26



Guatemalan Weave

Guatemalan weaveBlack canvas with Guatemalan rough-weave pocket. Silver-lined. See bullet points above for size.  $25




Brighter, louder, easier to find your phone in the depths of your bag. Silver-lined; see bullet points above for sizing. Please be sure to select pattern. $25

  Dark Guatemalan Brocade
  Floral peace pink  Blue flowers 


Gray Chamois

A thick, soft heather-gray chamois, like velvet. Plain or with print pocket; silver-lined. See bullet points at top of page for sizing. $27

Gray chamois  Gray / black swirl 
 Gray guatemalan  Gray / squares




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