EMF Remediation

Although mainstream science disagrees, the electrification of our living spaces and environment in general has significant effects on our health and bodies, electrical beings that we ourselves are. You can research this on your own, or read the impressive book by Arthur Firstenberg, The Invisible Rainbow (click on title for our Books page). Over time many people can turn "electrosensitive," which means they begin to experience mild or severe reactions to electromagnetic fields and radiation, known as EMFs. Minimizing your use of electronic devices, particularly those that are wireless, will give your body a far longer "shelf life" where EMF tolerance is concerned. A sudden intensity of exposure can cause you to turn the corner, and this can happen to anyone at any time. No kidding, there are thousands of personal experiences out there to this effect.

Dirty electricity, also known as "noise" or "harmonics" on your wiring, is one type of EMF hazard found in most modern homes, especially those with many electronic appliances and devices. The older the wiring and the more load on the circuits, the greater the electrical pollution that emanates from your walls and outlets. Reducing dirty electricity can have a surprising effect on your sense of well-being and mood in general, to say nothing of your physical health.

We encourage you to get our starter test kit and teach yourself to do simple readings in your living space. Then tailor your budget to your situation (there are portable solutions, as well) and clean up your immediate world, which may lead to surprising changes overall.  We do not recommend treating an entire house with the type of mini-filters supplied in the starter kit.

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Dirty Electricity Starter Kit

We recommend beginning with a dirty-electricity meter and two mini-filters to test your outlets and see how high-transient frequencies on your wiring can be minimized or "cleaned up."  There aren't a lot of products on the market for this kind of remediation, and we have combined both dominant DE brands in our test kit.  The meter is made by Stetzer Electronics and the filters are made by Greenwave (two prongs for more flexibility).

Included with your purchase of the starter kit is a phone consultation with a staff member to teach you how to do a proper reading and what to look for in mitigation.  Please know that we have our own specialized treatment plans for dirty electricity, involving products from a third company for whole-house issues.

We recommend mini-filters only for spot treatments once your entire situation has been assessed.  The starter kit will enable you to share your knowledge with friends, and the two filters you will own can be used in your own living space for further clean-up -- all to be determined once you have a complete assessment of your situation.

All homes are different.  Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all way to remediate DE.  Some solutions are minimal and inexpensive; others can get complicated.  You will get an education, no matter what, that you can pass on to others!

Meter, two filters and phone consultation   $235




Radiofrequency/Microwave Detector

Not only are we surrounded today by electronics putting out electromagnetic fields (EMFs), we are operating devices that transmit radio waves -- very different from the old days of merely listening to broadcasts coming through portable radios. Operating electronics that put out radiofrequencies (RFs) exposes our bodies to electromagnetic waves far beyond what living organisms are designed to contend with (0-40 Hertz). WiFi frequencies are 2.4 GigaHertz -- 2.4 billion cycles per second. People worldwide are developing mild to extreme sensitivity to RFs (and often to EMFs as well), which medical professionals fail to recognize as a cause for deteriorating health. Becoming sensitive can happen to anyone anytime. Arthur Firstenberg's excellent book The Invisible Rainbow explains how electricity and radio waves have profoundly shifted human health and well-being (see our Books page to order).

To preserve your resilience in an RF-saturated world, it's a good idea to control your exposure, and owning an RF meter will help you "see" what's happening around you. If you've ever noticed how peaceful your house feels in a power outage, you will understand the connection between electricity and biological stress; in fact the very word "stress" has become part of our everyday vocabulary. The human autonomic nervous system should balance its two halves (sympathetic and parasympathetic), but EMFs and RFs cause our fight/flight (sympathetic) branch to overwork. Healing, tissue restoration and proper sleep (parasympathetic branch) are not occurring as they should. In general, our anxiety index is up, we are plagued with insomnia and our health is degenerating. 

The RF meter below is selected for easy use, offering both a color-coded light scale (for instant comprehension) and an audio analysis that reveals the nature of the RF source: cell tower, cordless phone, wireless router ... what is it?  Once you know, you can avoid or mitigate -- your two basic options where modern RFs are concerned. The meter is battery operated and small enough to hold in your hand; comes with a hard zipper case so you can stash it anywhere.

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The Canadian SLT Classic II detects radiofrequency microwaves (RFMW) ranging from 200 MHz to 8GHz.  It has a color-coded LED light panel and audio output to identify signal type.  Comes with hard carrying case and 3 AAA batteries; two-year manufacturer warranty.

Included with your purchase is a brief phone consultation to help you use your meter most effectively and be able to tell what kind of signal it's picking up so you can determine what to do about it.

RF Meter and phone consultation   $185




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