Himalayan Soap Berries - Natural Detergent

Himalayan soap nuts 8 oz.Now this will be a surprise to many! Be free of laundry detergent forever...the dried berries of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree will wash your clothes better than anything else! Just toss a few in your wash water (tied in a little sack) and enjoy nature's removal of soil and odors, plus fabric softening. It's hard to believe, but they do work, and the result is truly fresher and cleaner than commercial products.

Great for those with allergies or sensitivity to chemicals and fragrances. An 8-ounce bag does well over 100 loads! 100% botanical, grown wild, no additives or chemicals, premium size, compostable.

8-oz. bag (includes wash sack)  $20

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Restore for Gut Biome


16 oz. $50
32 oz. $70
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Chemtrails Card

Chemtrails Fact Sheet Second Edition100 for $23
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Ergonomic G-Seat

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